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So today, I was printing out some music, but the printer was messed up. It just didn’t turn out good.

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1.75 hours and I have almost a page of this paper done.

I should have worked on it earlier but I had rehearsal and I was tired and that was basically my excuse for the past two weeks, even though that’s a shitty excuse.

It doesn’t matter though because yesterday we were doing lockjaw and I was just sick and tired of people shitting on my day, so I started like playing like playing the shit out of those scales, and I feel like every one was sort of like “yeah I feel like shit too, but I don’t even care anymore because SCALES MAN” like I know we all have shit lives because that’s just like how everything is, and we’re all angsty fucked up people with our own individual slew of mental disorders, and we all kind of hate each other and get on each other’s nerves and all that shit, but I swear I do drumline for moments like that. just like making eye contact in the middle of the show when shit’s going well and that feeling of liberation when you stop being this fucked up high school kid who can’t imagine a future and you just become a part of something amazing and nothing even fucking matters anymore, definitely not your inability to get through the week without a panic attack, let alone that 4 page lit paper you have due in a day. but yeah okay this was supposed to be a text post of me complaining about my lit paper how did this turn into a sentimental post about drumline

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This will give me time to work on my snare drum chops. Worst part of this snow day is missing rehearsal even though we have an AIA show on Saturday…

but otherwise, good job fcps, I don’t know if I’m ready to trust you yet, but this is a step in the right direction.

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This weekend, we met Ryan Jones. He is our friend now.

this was my life’s first huge defining moment.

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Dartmouth 2012

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…is it dayton yet?